Lake Helen League for Better Living was established in 1973. The signers and the first board of directors upon incorporation in 1973 were William Dill, Olga Bendurs, Lewis Long, Nora Bey, Alzada Fowler, Emily McGill, & Jean Beers. In the 1980's Max and Dorothy Schneider along with John and Betty Doherty were instrumental in forming the committee to initiate the Sydney Johnson survey of historic homes in Lake Helen in 1980. From its findings the Lake Helen Historic District was created by the city and added to the National list of Historic Places.

After 2010, leadership began to pass on to other citizens of Lake Helen including Nancy Willis, Diane Jennings, Steven Gutshall, Bart Gawlikowski, Brenda Gawlikowski, Todd Preston, Terry Jacobs, and Heather Rutledge.

Currently Joy Taylor, Jennifer Hopton-Villalobos, Joseph Hammett, Roxann Goodman, and Robin Mimna make up the board for The Lake Helen League for Better Living.

The League continues its work to improve and preserve Lake Helen culture and history through the support of several projects. For information on current project please visit CURRENT PROJECT page.