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Coming Soon! The Lake Helen League for Better Living presents this collection of recipes and stories to share and remember our unique culture, local farms, and community traditions centered around what we eat.

Remembering, sharing, and discovering the special ways Lake Helen gathers at the table for meals is an important celebration and documentation of who we are as “Lake Helen Gemsters”. The story tellers featured bring insight to the labor, love, and history immersed in the growing of our food. Sharing these stories connect us with where our food comes from, but also connects us with a shared history we all have as people who reside in Lake Helen. Florida farming is difficult, rewarding, generational. In many ways, a parallel to the recipes we pass down from generation to generation.

We invite you on this culinary adventure to try your neighbors’ recipes and enjoy their stories. Sit down at Lake Helen’s table and join the family conversation over a delicious meal; you are connected to the Lake Helen community that surrounds you and your family.